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Thinking about majoring in the Humanities? The Humanities prepare students succeed personally and professionally in our increasingly complex and global society.
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Why Humanities?

At the U, we know studying the Humanities gives students the edge to excel in any field. Learning a second language, being able to write and speak in a compelling way, understanding history, thinking critically and creatively, crafting precise arguments, connecting local issues to a global context – it’s all humanities! The College of Humanities at the University of Utah provides our students with critical skills that prepare them to succeed personally and economically in our increasingly complex and global society.



Humanities and Careers

“When I think about what best prepares somebody for a career in marketing, it’s actually really hard for me to think of something that is a better preparation than Humanities. There are ways of picking up skills in marketing, like email marketing tactics, or even advertising tactics and things like that; those are things that can be learned on the job. But, if you want to pursue a career where you do new things, discover new ideas, build new kinds of businesses altogether, there is just no better preparation for that than the mind-expanding education, both undergraduate and life-long, of immersing yourself in other cultures. When I chose my major at the U, I chose International Studies, because even within the College of Humanities it was so interdisciplinary. I got to take film classes, and writing classes, and business classes, and anthropology classes. I think I got a really well-rounded foundation. I don’t think Humanities student understand how well positioned they are for careers in business, particularly marketing. They will find, as I have found, that once you get your first marketing job, you’ll be able to pick up tactics on the job, and you will find yourself on a much faster trajectory than many of your peers because you have a grounding in Humanities, and not just tactics and skills.”

― Kevin Knight, CMO of Experticity

Last Updated: 4/15/22