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College of Humanities IT Support

Please Note: You will be asked for an office location. Enter the number that corresponses with your building.

LNCO: 0049 

CTIHB: 0045



Graphic Design Request Form

If you need a graphic design project created, please request it using this form. Thank you. 

Information about Services & Current Projects

Qualtrics is one of our ongoing projects.  If you do not have an account please apply here.

Network space is now available at Boxfor your department or program.

U of U Email: Umail

College Student Labs:
The College of Humanities supports multiple large teaching computer labs and small departmental research labs in the Language and Communication building (LNCO) and in CTIHB.

For information or support for any of these labs please contact 585-5547.

For scheduling of the Dibona Center for Educational Technology or to take a language placement exam please visit the DCET web site.

College Web-based Calendars:
Our college is currently using WebEvent for calendaring and scheduling. All areas, departments and organizations can use these web calendars for scheduling, office calendars, departmental announcements and individual schedules.  Feel free to browse the public calendars that currently being used.

Software purchases:
The University regularly negotiates licenses with major vendors that greatly reduces costs to departments. The Office of Software Licensing lists all software available and is willing to answer your questions. Please check their webpage before purchasing software (even from university bookstore) significant savings are available.

Last Updated: 11/6/23