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Staff and Faculty Resources


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What can we help you with?
Faculty Resources

Below is a list of individuals who may provide some assistance to you.

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Kristina Bailey
Executive Assistant
(801) 581-8816


  • Main contact for dean, chairs, and directors

  • Coordinates administrative staff leadership meetings

  • Assists with all faculty processes (including RPT and FAR)


Administration & Appointment Management

Natalie Montoya
Administrative Manager
(801) 581-6214


  • Assist with Graduate and Undergraduate Affairs
  • Set up appointments with the Associate and Assistant Deans
  • Assist with Facilities coordination
  • Assist with IT coordination
  • Assist with committee coordination

Alumni Connections and Fundraising Assistance

Lexie Kite
Development Director
(801) 585-5053


  • Get lists of alumni and their contact info
  • Strategize and design a fundraising appeal
  • Coordinate all fundraising for your department or program


General Assistance & Office Management

Patricia Aoyagi
Administrative Assistant
(801) 581-6214


  • General Dean's Office Assistance
  • LNCO Lounge Reservations
  • Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research

Reserve the LNCO Lounge

Human Resources Consultant

Danielle Thomsen
HR Manager
(801) 587-9861


  • Provides advice for employees and managers in difficult situations.
  • Performance evaluation planning and implementation.
  • Provides clarification regarding University policies and procedures.
  • Assists departments with reviewing salary equity, personnel planning, and training needs.

Human Resources Analyst

Kailey Tetrick
HR Analyst
(801) 587-1930


  • Help departments with the full hiring process
  • Resource for employees with questions regarding employment, payroll, benefits, etc.



Communications and Marketing

JanaJana Cunningham
Director of Marketing and Communications
(801) 213-0866


  • Marketing and communication outreach
  • Create and oversee content for news stories, website, social media, newsletter and college magazine
  • Social media campaigns
  • Humanities Radio

Marketing and Social Media

Caitlyn Harris
Marketing Manager and Social Media
(801) 581-6215


  • Strategic and direct marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketin
  • College wide events
  • Humanities Radio
  • College magazine

Website and Social Media

Rebecca Torkelsen
Web Designer
(801) 585-9283


  • College-wide website edits and updates
  • Full website creation and custom designs


Graphic Design

Alix Walburn
Graphic Design Specialist
(801) 585-3988


  • Assists with graphic design needs for posters, brochures, banners, promotional products, and college magazine
  • Assists with graphic design needs for websites and social media

Budget and Plan Development Assistance

Fred Hon
Accounting and Finance Manager
(801) 587-9190


  • Develop college budget plans
  • Financial resources management & monitoring
  • Fiscal year analysis & assessment

Business & Financial Processes Assistance

Jenn Henke
Business Specialist


  • College wide business and accounting processes
  • Questions about activities, chartfields and accounts


IT Help


Our local Humanities IT can help you with:

  • Deskstop hardware and software support
  • Local computer labs hardware and software support
  • New computer set up
  • New user orientation
  • Wired and wireless network support
  • Device retirement
  • First-line audio/visual support
  • Qualtrics: If you do not have an account please apply here.
    Network space is now available at Boxfor your department or program.



Useful Links

Various staff resources and college-wide connetions



Last Updated: 1/2/20