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College of Humanities Student Council (CSC)

CSC Mission Statement

The College of Humanities Student Council (CSC) aims to support student voices, while being accountable to the students. In doing so the CSC will work to bring together the college's leadership and students to better the humanities college community.

CSC Duties

  • Represent student voices
  • Inclusion on faculty retention, promotion, and tenure review
  • Plan events, initiatives, and activities
  • Advocate for students in the college of humanities
  • The CSC will also receive ASUU funding to help humanities students


  1. The College Student Council within each College will consist of the chairs of the undergraduate and graduate Student Advisory Committees from each department, the Assembly Representatives of the College, the Senator from the College, and other students as determined by the Senator and the other members of the College Student Council.
    1. The term of the College Student Council will be co-terminus with that of the Assembly and Senate.
    2. The Senator will chair the College Student Council.


  1. To promote the academic development of its College’s student body.
  2. To Oversee the Retention, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) process relating to the corresponding student vote.
  3. To participate in Tenure Faculty Review.
  4. To propose legislation to the Senate.
  5. To provide a forum for members of each College to discuss academic matters and other appropriate concerns with the members of the College Student Council.
  6. To review travel applications for all students and sponsored student organizations affiliated with the College.
    1. All approved travel applications will be forwarded to the ASUU Travel Committee.
    2. To meet at least two (2) times per semester.

View Redbook (Bylaws, Article I.IV)

We as a student organization, representing the college of humanities, are committed to building a community of respect and support. We are committed to serving underrepresented and minoritized humanities students. We strive to prioritize students who have encountered discrimination and/or prejudice based on their social identities.

We aim to promote ADA access in humanities buildings, center student voices and experiences, and advocate for change. 

We acknowledge that students who have experienced microaggressions, discrimination, and any other form of prejudice are impacted in a multitude of ways and have unique, complex experiences. 

Contact Information

Senator Lilian Ault

Senator for the College of Humanities

Rep. Mercedes Johnson

Assembly Representative for
the College of Humanities

Rep. Aynaelyssya Thomas

Assembly Representative for
the College of Humanities

Social Media Chairs:
Ady Stokes
Dayna Policarpio

Service Chair:
Carol Chan

Events Chair:
Sunny Singh

Diversity Task Force Leads:
Jack Nemelka
Naomi Castillo

Korea Campus Liaison:
Ava/Yeseo Ahn

Ambassador Lead:
Cam Chase

ASUU Travel Funding Guidelines  ASUU Website

Last Updated: 11/13/23