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Our Values

Student success, engagement, and diversity are fundamental and critical institutional values for the University of Utah. They inform and drive the University’s ethos towards contributing, strengthening, and enrichening all students’ intellectual, social, and professional pursuits.

The College of Humanities is dedicated to ensuring high quality experiential learning opportunities for all students from all identities and backgrounds. We endeavor to inform you of all available resources and opportunities devoted to internships without barriers or restrictions.

All students can expect to be treated with equity, dignity, and respect during their appointment(s).

The internship process, from exploration to completion, can be a nebulous experience with unfamiliar, intertwined, nuanced dynamics and factors. The Internship Coordinator, Ned Khatrichettri, is available to work with you to address concerns and questions about internships, and also unpack, process, and articulate your experiences. All Humanities students are always encouraged to schedule an appointment with Ned.

Last Updated: 8/16/19