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Ensure Your Success

Whether this will be your first internship or you have already completed several, it is okay to have questions and concerns. Each employer and work environment is different, and your responsibilities may now also be mostly online.

How can you ensure your success during an internship? Below are some pointers that can help. 

  • Establish weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins with your supervisor
    • This is designated valuable time to ask questions, address issues, discuss progress, etc.
  • In consultation with your supervisor, establish manageable criteria or benchmarks you are expected to meet in a realistic timeline.
    • Get these items documented both for clarity and to show a record of your success.
  • Consider the skills and competencies you hope to gain.
    • The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) lays out eight core competencies that employers want to see in applicants.
    • What are areas you can strengthen? What is your plan of action?
    • These are great questions you can discuss with your supervisor during check-ins.
  • Make a plan to learn about your work culture.
  • Even during your internship, connect with the Internship Coordinator, Ned Khatrichettri, to discuss your progress (or any concerns).
Last Updated: 6/1/21