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Internship Articles & Resources

Career & Professional Development Center

The Career & Professional Development Center also provides information about internships. If you have any questions or concerns, contact them for an individualized appointment.

The Hinckley Institute

The Hinckley Institute has ties to employers and industries that are based locally, nationally, or overseas. They work with students in all majors, and you are encouraged to contact them early in your internship search process.

Learning Abroad Office

Learning Abroad Office also offers internships abroad for academic credit for students participating in an approved affiliate program. To learn more about these options, students should directly reach out to Jacquee Williams, the Learning Abroad Coordinator, who is the liaison for the College of Humanities. 

Just Read It

A large part of making informed and engaged decisions is being familiar with diverse perspectives from numerous sources. Seeing other points of view can help you create or shift your priorities about what is appropriate for your situation, what is most important to you in an internship experience, and what is manageable in your realistic timeframe.

These articles can help you think through the evolving landscape of this kind of experience.

**The Transferrable Skills Inventory resource can be used before, during, or after your internship.**

Last Updated: 2/20/20