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Letter from the Dean

By now you will have learned that the University plans to open its doors to in-person classes and on-campus experiences this Fall. We are reopening at a challenging time and under complicated circumstances and I wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that our college – and the University community more broadly – will be devoting all its energies to ensuring that our campus and classrooms are safe, healthy, inclusive and welcoming to students from all backgrounds. 

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The humanities teach us to question the world around us in order to better understand our place within it. In the humanities, we seek to understand the nuances of cultural issues, to interpret human experience, and to appreciate the power of words and ideas. By studying humanities, we broaden our historical, ethical, social and international perspectives while enhancing ourselves intellectually and creatively.

Humanities Radio

Humanities Radio

Social distancing is hard, but great podcasts make it easier. If you need something to listen to during quarantine, check out Humanities Radio podcast to get insights from our students, alumni and faculty about the importance of the humanities in today's world!


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Faculty Publications

System's Failure by Andrew Franta

System's Failure, The Uses of Disorder in English Literature

Andrew Franta

Land and Literature

Land and Literature in a Cosmopolitan Age

Vincent P. Pecora


Regional Literature and the Transmission of Culture

Margaret B. Wan

Sister Saints by Colleen McDannell

Sister Saints, Mormon Women
Since the End of Polygamy

Colleen McDannell

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Now, more than ever, we need the humanities.
Now, more than ever, the humanities need you.


Last Updated: 8/6/20