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College of Humanities marketing intern, Nicole Naticchioni, takes over Humanities Radio to explore career advice, the value of a humanities degree, new courses in the humanities, and internships.


Episode 1: Utilizing Your Humanities Degree

Jana Cunningham, Director of Marketing and Communications for the College of Humanities, shares her career journey over the years and how she used her degree in Humanities in marketing. When it comes to getting your foot in the door with your career, it can be stressful. Jana shares tips on how to gain experience while in college to better prepare for your career.

U of U Humanities · Humanities Radio Presents: Intern insights Episode 1 – Utilizing Your Humanities Degree in Marketing

Episode 2: How A Humanities Education Benefits Your Life

Dr. Hollis Robbins, the Dean of the College of Humanities at the University of Utah, shares her career journey and discusses how getting a humanities education can benefit your life, as well as your career.


Episode 3: Introducing the New Great Books Course

Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Joseph Metz, shares what he is most excited about regarding the new Great Books course being offered this fall at the University of Utah.


Episode 4: How a Journalist Can Utilize Social Media to Their Advantage

Avery Holton, Chair of the Department of Communication, shares valuable insight on thriving as a successful journalist in this technology-driven society.


Last Updated: 5/23/23